Mind Over Market – Goal Setting

February 17th, 2010

Each of us is in control of our intentions, efforts, direction and execution. Each of us is in control of setting our individual goals and reaching them. Are your goals vague and comprised of statements like, “I want to sell more”, “I am going to do better”, and “I am going to prospect more”? If so, then please give some thought to the examples.

Question: What percentage of marathon runners start and finish the 26.2 mile New York Marathon?

Answer: 95%.

Delta Force, the US Elite Combat Group, recruits go through rigorous training. One of their  measurements of whether they are accepted is whether can “run until you can’t run any longer”. Of the strongest men and women alive, only 2% are still running when told to stop. 

Question: How far do you think the 2% remaining runners ran before they were told to stop? 

Answer:  Less than 26 miles. 98% stopped running well before the marathon distance.

These examples demonstrate that when there are clear cut goals, 95% completed the task, when there are vague goals 2% completed the task.

Knowing and implementing daily activities numbers is the main difference between a moderate sales person and a professional sales person.  Knowing how many calls it takes to get an appointment and how many appointments it takes to close a sale is how a professional sales person drives sales and uncovers the average “sales cycle”. Without this information it is impossible to set goals, forecast revenue or run a successful sales operation.

Try these daily activity goals for 60 days, adjust the numbers if necessary; I promise that your focus will NOT be on what is happening in the market, it will be on how you will manage all your new business. You will finally break the code that will lead you to your sales cycle. Never again will you have to wonder what it will take to close a sale.

Daily Activity Tasks:
• Call 20 new prospects
• Call 10 past customers
• Follow up on 20% of your missed opportunities
• Set at least 2 appointments
• Send out 50 email marketing pieces
• Touch base with 20% of your current listings
• Spend 1 hour doing research (market, listings,
demographics, industry etc)
• Invest at least 1 hour a week reading sales books or articles and for at least 2 hours a week spend some quality time in the path of people as you hand out your business cards