About Face

January 6th, 2011

The ability to negotiate is a big differentiator in the Real Estate business, especially in the current climate. Negotiation takes skill, practice, and knowing what tools to use and when to pull them out of your tool belt. Additionally and most importantly, negotiation is a “contact sport” that is best performed face to face. Why?

A good negotiator:

  • Is like a surgeon; able to cut out the truth
  • Is looking for areas of weakness in others to earn a better position for their client
  • Creates solutions and smart options on the fly
  • Knows that sometimes appearing vulnerable is a powerful technique for getting information
  • Is a good listener who can read between the lines to hear what is not being said
  • Can adapt to the emotional levels exhibited by all parties
  • Can uncover the emotional bull’s-eye and keep people focused on their prize
  • Is able to use humor, nurturing and skill to get back on track and stay on track
  • Presents data and fact rather than opinion
  • Never gives up

It is important to insist on face to face negotiations, yet some Realtors may be hard pressed to take time out of their day to negotiate.  If you see the value and benefit of negotiating face to face, make it your required business practice in 2011.  Become the change you want to see in the Real Estate world.  Develop your skills, improve your sales abilities and get into the game of face to face negotiating.

Realtor Bulletin, Kim Dickey, First American Title