Important Questions To Consider When Selling A Home

May 17th, 2011

These important questions should be considered when selling a home as to alert you to special circumstances surrounding the transaction.

  • Has there been a change in marital status or name change since purchasing the property?
  • Is anyone currently on title deceased?
  • Is the property in a trust?
  • Is anyone on title currently incapacitated (dementia, Alzheimer’s, disabled)?
  • Will a Power of Attorney be used or needed?
  • Do any of the sellers signing NOT have a photo ID or driver’s license?
  • Is the seller only selling a portion of their property?  If yes, a survey with a new legal description would need to be provided.
  • Is the property a mobile home/manufactured housing?

If there are special circumstances, please let your title agent know as soon as possible to ensure a smooth transaction for all.