Fraud Alert

December 3rd, 2012

Signature has recently been presented with a fraudulent check drawn off of a Canadian bank that indicates it is in reference to one of the following Oscar Paiva, Mark Anderson or Anderson Investment Company.

After the buyer mailed the fraudulent check to the offices, the buyer contacted the offices via e-mail to confirm the check cleared and inquired when he could close. The only communication that the offices had with the buyer was via e-mail, with no phone number or address ever provided.

This situation is similar to other fraudulent check schemes which we have been made aware of. In each situation, the following facts are common:

All cash offer to purchase

Selling broker has never met the buyer

Buyer has not physically seen the property

Buyer is located out-of-country

Often the initial deposit exceeds the required earnest money deposit

Deposit is in the form of a check drawn on a Canadian bank

Buyer requests that any excess funds be returned via wire to their account

This serves as a reminder to not accept checks drawn on foreign banks. Instead, require that the funds be sent via wire.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact