December 16th, 2015
          As everyone is well underway with the new TRID processes, we’re finding ways to assist our lender clients with compliance matters including proper quoting on Loan Estimates.   Some lenders have engaged systems that automatically populate quotes for certain charges such as title insurance, settlement fees, recording fees, and transfer taxes for example.  We’re finding that these systems may not be quoting properly due to variables such as property type and location, title underwriter, type of loan and  required title endorsements.  Additionally, recording fees are impacted by several varying circumstances such as the number of pages in a legal description, riders to a mortgage, and the need to record ancillary items such as a Power of Attorney or other documentation unknown at time of Loan Estimate.  Until a title search has been completed, a recording fee can only be estimated upon determination of the legal description length.
       To provide the most accurate quotes possible, contact Signature PRIOR to providing a Loan Estimate. And please remember to include the Loan Estimate with the title order so we can ensure accuracy early on in the process.
         If you have any questions, please contact Monique Shevlin at